We work to protect creativity and innovation in the film, TV and music industries, and encourage fair play online. We believe the arts should be able to flourish in the digital age and we work to support a safe online environment for consumers to enjoy content

– the way it was intended.

We provide a customised service to address pirated content online – focused on business impact, not the number of links removed or notices issued.

We believe content owners should deal with piracy proactively. We work with our clients, taking action to protect their content and provide insight and information that helps them make better business decisions. Our open, transparent approach means some of the world’s largest media organisations consider us their trusted partner.

We find, verify, address and monitor infringing content, using a combination of automated technologies, proprietary tools and dedicated experts. It’s our job to stay ahead of the curve, so we’re constantly developing new solutions and creative strategies that deliver the best results for the businesses we work with.


Headquartered in London, we operate on an international basis, with an extensive network of local specialists across multiple markets.

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