We don’t just find infringing content, we remove it. Our technical experts and copyright law specialists work together to deploy customised takedowns on behalf of our clients in the film, TV, and music industries.

We work with industry and law enforcement bodies, as well as maintaining close relationships with third party intermediaries such as internet service providers to conduct open source intelligence operations. Our approach is to exhaust all possible takedown options before expensive litigation is even considered.


Insight and impact

Our business is centred around sharing our findings and ensuring our clients are kept up to date. Entura’s online client portal, offline reports and visualisations provide detailed, business-oriented piracy insights, including levels of interest in and infringement of the protected content.

Bespoke, informative and jargon-free, this information allows our clients to make better business decisions based on the metrics that matter most to them. Facts and insights, not myths and guesswork.

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